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Digitizing trust at scale with blockchains

Enable new business - Increase transparency among business networks - Reduce cost

Press Room

Cryptowerk Press Coverage

“You can infuse this irrefutable trust into your supply chain of digital data assets,” – Peter Ebert, SVP Cryptowerk

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Thought Leadership

Cryptowerk co-presents session with SAP at Blockchain Expo, article featured on event web site…

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Coffee Break with Game Changers

Host Bonnie D. Graham interviews Cryptowerk on the future of blockchain in the life sciences industry…

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SAP TEchEd Interview

Merck & Amerisource Bergen talk about their blockchain-enabled POC with SAP & Cryptowerk…

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Cryptowerk @ SAP TechEd

Cryptowerk included in TechEd keynote by Gil Perez, SVP IoT & Digital Supply Chain at SAP…

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Cryptowerk SAP Certified

Cryptowerk Enterprise Blockchain Enablement Kit is SAP Certified…

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About Blockchain

  • Why?

    “Recent research found that 58% of technology executives expect 10% (= $5.3 trillion) of global gross domestic product to be stored on the blockchain by 2025.”

    Source: World Economic Forum

  • What is Blockchain?

    Blockchain enables companies to perform and verify transactions in a network without the need for a central authority.

    A) Single shared ledger that is tamper-proofed. Once recorded, transactions cannot be altered

    B) All parties must give consensus before a new transaction is added

    C) Eliminates paper processes, speeding up transaction times and increasing efficiencies

    Source: IBM

  • New Business

    Blockchain enables new business models across industries:

    - Automated compliance

    - Tamper-proofed transactions

    - Immutable life cycle management

    - Connected insurance

Blockchain Challenges


Blockchains are slow

Slice of cake

High implementation effort

Circus tent

High transaction cost

Cryptowerk Solution


Accelerate blockchains to achieve high throughput and cost efficiencies

Slice of cake

Integration with any blockchain (public, private, hybrid)

Circus tent

Connecting blockchains without interrupting operations

Blockchain Enablement Kit

Support any blockchain

Implement enterprise solutions on any blockchain - public, private or hybrid.

High performance

Accelerate blockchains up to 600,000 transactions per second.


Our API easily connects any system and industry application.

Data confidentiality

No sensitive data transferred to Cryptowerk – only digital fingerprints.

No Downtime

Solution integrates without interrupting operations.

Our Leadership Team

Dirk Kanngiesser


Holger Assenmacher


Howard Lau


Peter Ebert

SVP Business Development

Michael Kelly

Head Financial Services

Rebecca MacDonald

VP Marketing

Henning Waatsack

Director Client Strategy

Thomas Dienwiebel

Intellectual Property Counsel

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